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Hey now, Destruction AllStars has a Carnado mode to play

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It’s actually a shame that Destruction AllStars has been left out of the PS5 limelight, with Sony dropping the bulk of its attention on its sons Demon’s Souls Remake and Miles Morales: Spider-Man instead. I mean can you even trade paint in Demon’s Souls by slamming a car into a dragon? No? Check and mate, Souls-fans. But hey now, it’s Destruction AllStars so get your game on, and go play.

Anyway, Destruction AllStars will arrive a little late to the PS5 launch party, by a few months. When it does rev its engine in February as a PlayStation Plus game though, it’ll have a bunch of neat modes that you can try out. First up is Mayhem, your traditional deathmatch that is playable in solo or team modes. Cause chaos, wrack up the points, and whoever has the highest total by the end of the round wins.

Carnado sounds like a mad dash into oblivion, and is also playable in solo and team modes. You’ll need to race around the track picking up Gears, which can also be found by ramming into opponents and stealing them in the process. Once you have enough, you’ll need to bank those gears…by driving straight into a Carnado of lightning that sets you back to square one. From here you’ll be on foot and you’ll need to grab a new vehicle to continue earning Gears.

Stockpile is a team-based mode of control. Wrecking or knocking out opponents will cause Gears to drop, which can be collected when you exit your vehicle and then you’ll need to run through a gauntlet of cars to one of the three banks around the map. Stand on a bank to deposit your Gears, and claim it for your team. The team with the most banks at the end of the game wins.

Gridfall is a last car revving match, 16 players will enter the arena and seek to secure dominance by either wrecking their opponents or pushing them over the edge of the map. To make matters more lethal, the stage will start collapsing around you, so you’ll need to use cunning and guile to stay a step ahead of the competition. You’ll also have a limited number of lives to use, until one single AllStar is left standing.

Sounds interesting! I‘m not certain if Destruction AllStars is going to be the next Among Us, but it’s arriving during a traditionally dry season for gaming and it’s a freebie as part of PS Plus. At the very least it’s going to have plenty of eyeballs on it during its first week. 

Last Updated: November 6, 2020

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