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Hey, what happened to GameTrailers.com?

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Hey, what happened to GameTrailers.com? 2

Last week was the insanity of E3 and as such not much else from the gaming world was noticed during that week. However, something big happened. And we’re going to rewind time to take a look at what happened with GameTrailers.com

We’ve mentioned before that Gametrailers may have already been sold but the actual deal was only signed last week and the new owners of Gametrailers are Defy Media.

And no we are not talking about the guys who make washing machines but rather the company that runs The Escapist among other sites. So what’s going to happen to GameTrailers now? Well they have posted up an update giving us some insight and unfortunately, as expected, it isn’t all good.

Obviously when a company already owns a few gaming sites there will be some obvious cross overs which means redundancies at the new acquisition and this time it appears to be worse than usual. According to a report on Polygon over two thirds of the current GT staff have not been offered positions with Defy and were laid off the day after E3. Ouch. I’m still not sure if Gametrailers is a valid business anymore though, with the amount of gaming shows and trailers that are listed on YouTube on a daily basis.

If you were ever wondering how well the game industry is doing just take a look at how many gaming media sites, magazines and publications are being shut down or swallowed up. It’s not a great time for the industry and our best wishes go out to the people affected by this move.

Hopefully a lot of them can find great careers outside the gaming industry where life appears to be safer.

Last Updated: June 17, 2014

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