High Precision Controls Added In Killzone 2 Patch

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I have recently spent quite a bit of time playing Killzone 2 online, and I can honestly say that even though it has been an absolute blast so far, the biggest let down to me have been the controls. That’s even after I had customised all of them to work similarly to Call of Duty titles, which really just seems to be the best layout for console shooters.

Major problem that I have had is that the sensitivity felt too high for precision shots, which can be a problem when all you have is a standard automatic rifle on a huge map. I turned the sensitivity down, which helped, but now it takes me five minutes to turn a corner.

Guerrilla games have apparently been listening to their community, and so with the latest patch (1.27) have added a bunch of new features, as well as a “high precision controls” option, which apparently caters to players with “twitchy fingers”.

Read more about the additions in patch 1.27, after the jump.

The first addition to the game, which I am really happy about is that squads will no be kept on the same team over multiple maps. Too often have I tried to play with some friends in ranked games, only to have them constantly be automatically placed on the other team.

There has also been a change to team balancing, in that you will now be able to have players swap over to the other team if there are less players. This should be limited though, as I am sure that Guerrilla doesn’t want everyone hopping over to the winning team at the last moment.

All badges have now been unlocked in Skirmish mode, and there has also been a change that makes any players who spawn for a Tactician’s grenade lose their temporary invulnerability.

A whole bunch of balancing issues have been resolved as well, so we can all look forward to a much better online experience in future.

Click here to see the original interview with Guerrilla on the official PS blog.

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Last Updated: May 28, 2009

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