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Hit or Miss: Are new console launches overrated?

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You can feel it in the air. That palpable sense of excitement, tension. Waiting, just waiting for the clock to strike midnight so that you can rush into your nearest shop and secure your pre-order of the latest and greatest console in [YOUR FAVOURITE BRAND HERE] history. And after some general thrusting with that fella in front of you, the whole tordid affair is over as you clutch your new baby and head on home with a happy afterglow surrounding you.

Console launches are odd. The fear of missing out is more than real, for a device for which there presumably will be plenty of stock a few months down the line. Nobody needs to own a console on launch day, but there’s something special about being there for it. About sharing that joy with the crowds and gloating about how fortunate you are to be getting your hands on the latest Okama Gamesphere.

On the other hand, you’re also setting yourself up for potential early model errors. The original Xbox 360 was rife with the dreaded red rings of death, while the PS4 DualShock controllers shed more rubber than a VW Golf driver facing a lane-splitting motorcyclist. Not to mention the fact that the storefront will be barren at first, your friends list empty and your choice of games limited for a few months.

Instead, you could still enjoy what you have and pick up a new console later when all the good stuff has arrived. If your technolust can resist the FOMO. Having new hardware that works however and amazes all of your friends and family? Occasionally, it is alright to brag a bit, and new consoles are right up that alley. And with the Nintendo Switch launching today, it’s a solid question to ask.

It’s a case of haves and have-nots then. Console launches: Hit or miss?

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

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