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Hitman 2 goes to the bank on June 25

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Seven months after launch, and I’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in Hitman 2. I’ve trapped a rich socialite inside of an iron maiden without being sued by a heavy metal band’s legal team, killed an old man by luring him towards an explosive molehill and I’ve introduced a drug lord to The Beatles. Which in my case, meant dropping an actual yellow submarine on his cocaine-snorting ass.

So what’s next? Hitman 2 always felt like a game that would exist brilliantly as a modular experience, a tour of missions that could arrive every couple of months and flesh out the experience further. On June 25, the first of these new proper missions, arrives in the shape of The Bank. That new mission will form the backbone of June’s main theme, which contrary to what Martin Sheen in the slickest of business suits would tell you, will focus on greed not being good. From the lips of IO Interactive, to my tip-tapping fingers and thus to your eyes:

‘The Bank’ will include a new campaign mission titled ‘Golden Handshake’ and takes Agent 47 to an investment bank in the United States. Expect new gameplay opportunities, new challenges to earn location mastery and new unlocks that will change the way you play.

But wait, that’s not all! Here’s the full schedule for the month ahead:

Hitman 2 roadmap
  • June 7 – Guru and Congressman legacy Elusive Targets, Sapienza
  • June 13 – The O’Leary Conflagration Escalation Target in Whittleton Creek
  • June 20 – The Unpalatable Termination in Miami
  • June 25 – The Bank location unlocks, as well as the Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur special assignments in Mumbai and Santa Fortuna respectively (Expansion pass exclusive)
  • June 27 – A new Escalation Contract unlocks, the Aquatic Retribution
  • June 28 – A legacy Elusive Target arrives, Mr Giggles in Marrakesh

That’s a lot of content! Personally, I’m just amped to have a new location to explore. IO Interactive has a knack for designing these stages, creating entire eco-systems within any given stage that run on the most intricate clockwork possible and tasks you with being the one cog that decides to muck everything up. Sort of like arranging dominoes to fall in an order, only you’re using delightfully ironic methods to kill a target and delivering some heavy foreshadowing via a witty quip before you do the deed.

Sounds like a good time? Of course it does. Now leave me a loan, I want to play this new level. You could say that it has my…interest.

Last Updated: June 3, 2019

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