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Hitman 3 in VR looks deadly, personal, and hilarious

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Hitman 3 vr

The beauty of a round in IO Interactive’s Hitman series, is that I can easily plot a meticulous and serious path towards my target, grimly weaving my way between disguises until I reach my mark…and then hit them over the head with a massive fish. There’s a certain delight in watching events flip a switch from dead serious to downright goofy, and there’s been no shortage of those instances in my many many hours of time with the franchise.

With Hitman 3 around the corner, the song remains the same but with an added twist: Virtually real first-person viewpoints. If you’re not content with watching Agent 47 drown an uptight vegan rock star in his own gluten-free cake, you can now do so at a more visceral level through the eyes of the world’s greatest assassin. Check it out for yourself, in the newest Hitman 3 trailer:

Yeah, that looks exactly like my cup of digital absurdity which now also has a neat shortcut system built into it. Of course for those of you who plan to play Hitman 3 in VR, there’s an extra spanner being thrown into the intricate clockwork mechanisms of its sandbox. If you’re sticking to PS4 and have a PSVR headset, you’re good to go. If you’ve upgraded to PS5, you’ll need to play the game in its PS4 mode, and have the special adaptor for the PSVR hardware ordered in from Sony or local distributors.

Is it worth it for a chance to throw a deadly muffin at a victim in first-person view? Yes, yes it is.

Last Updated: January 8, 2021

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  1. In Hitman 3 VR, you’ll probably be able to yeet the bodies out of the map.


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