Hitman: Absolution does it your way

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If there’s one franchise I’m glad to see returning this year, it’s the chrome-domed assassinations of the original Hitman himself, Agent 47.

Previews for the game have begun circulating, and it seems like everybody’s favourite bar-coded assassin is going to feature a mix of gameplay that will allow for players to either John Woo a room full of enemies, or be more cerebral and take their time silently dispatching them.

IO Interactive is aiming to present a more focused, more deadly character with the latest game, which also means that they’re going to be trimming a lot of fat off the franchise for when when the game does finally launch.

“First and foremost, what we’re trying to convey is that Hitman is still very much about stealth,” lead producer Hakan Abrak told Joystiq. “If you liked that in the earlier instalments, you’re definitely going to get that here. “But we also want to present compelling action, if you’re that type of player.

In earlier instalments, if you went into action, every enemy would come after you – you felt like a failure, like you had done something wrong. We really wanted to do that differently here, so if you play action, we think it should be a compelling experience and we think we’ve achieved that. If you want to switch between stealth and action, you should have the freedom to do so.

Various other actions will trigger a more “dramatic and suspenseful experience” for players, allowing them to experiment with their particular style of play and see how the world reflects that.

“You can seamlessly go back and forth between all these different states. And this is how to show off without trying it out and seeing how my play style is reflected in how the game presents the world to me. This is the biggest challenge we’ve had, to feel linear but not be linear”, producer Tore Blystad told RPS.

So far, Hitman: Absolution looks like a fantastic mash-up of the stealth and action genres, giving gamers that choice that they so desperately crave. I’m glad to see that the title will appeal to my more stealthy, Batmanny side, but I’m equally jubilant that I can switch to a “bull in a china shop” mode when that experience gets old.

Last Updated: January 12, 2012

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