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Hitman Absolution – Introducing Tools of the Trade

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Weapons, weapons everywhere and lots of noobs to kill. In Hitman Absolution there will be weapons to use everywhere, from scissors to bricks, bats and Hula girl statues, any thing you want, you’ve got it.

And did I see a plunger in there? I’m not sure how badass it is to kill some one with one of those, but way to go on creativity! IO interactive has made sure that players can improvise and utilise their environment and objects around it which I see as bringing some more realism into the game. With this feature you are able to think and behave more like an assassin, using anything and everything around you to live up to your deadly reputation.

Imagine being an assassin IRL and getting into a tussle with some thug, but then, he knocks your weapon out of your hand… you reach for the randomly placed screwdriver or coffee mug, but behold! You can’t pick it up because it’s not usable, soz4u! Doesn’t work does it? Doesn’t work in a game either and this is why I absolutely dig this about Hitman.

Have a look-see at the Tools of the Trade video, demonstrating a wide variety of murder weapons of any body’s liking, whether you are a brutal maniac or precision killer, there’s definitely something for your personal taste.

Last Updated: September 18, 2012

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