Hitman Movie Getting A Sequel

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A sequel to the Hitman movie is being looked at and already has writer Kyle Ward (Uncharted and Kane & Lynch movie scripts) attached to the project.

The first movie actually did pretty well in the US and did even better in Europe, so a sequel probably doesn’t sound like a bad idea to the people who pocket the money.

The main question that everyone is asking is whether or not actor Timothy Olyphant will return to take on the role of the bald-headed assassin. An interview with comingsoon.com gave us a bit of insight into the matter.

Olyphant had the following to say:

“It’s not on my schedule. If they want me to do another one, I supposed they could have me, yes.”

“What I can tell you about ‘Hitman’ is that I’m thrilled that it was as successful as it was and it was a really nice opportunity and I appreciate that opportunity.”

Is anyone out there excited about a sequel for the movie, or do you think that it should have just been left at that?

Source: Latino Review

Last Updated: August 4, 2009

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