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Holy shit, the Pokémon anime has just done the unthinkable

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Pokemon Alolan League (2)

There’s three certainties in life: Death, taxes and Ash Ketchum failing at the eleventh hour to win a regional Pokémon League tournament. It’s a story as old as time, dating back to the original anime and continuing through the decades, with the plucky trainer battling with all his might and usually coming up short in the process.

This week, the Pokémon anime did something different with Ash’s latest attempt to best the Elite Four of the Alolan Islands. A plot twist so out of left field, that I’m convinced up is now down, left is right and that John Cena can actually be seen. Spoilers below, but HOO BOY WHAT A TWIST!

Pokemon Alolan League (1)

Right, so in the current Pokémon anime, Ash has managed to make it to the finals. Only one trainer can be the champion, and the rival standing before him is none other than Gladion. The battle is fierce, each trainer bringing out their very best pocket monsters. With Silvally, Lycanroc, Umbreon and Zorark on his side, Gladion may have been Ash’s toughest opponent to date. That is, until that happened. In one final effort between duelling Lycanrocs, Ash managed to turn the tide and knock Gladion out of the competition.

Dudes…Ash just won a Pokémon League tournament.

Pokemon Alolan League (4)

And that’s freaking monumental. The Alolan arc of Pokémon takes place across the seventh generation of the anime series, which began airing in 1997 in Japan originally. That’s a journey which saw Ash lose six other Pokémon League competitions along the way, which if you’re keeping score, created this record:

  • Kanto – Top 16 finish
  • Johto – Top 8 finish
  • Hoenn – Top 8 finish
  • Sinnoh – Top 4 finish
  • Unova – Top 8 finish
  • Kalos – Runner-up finish

Seventh time’s the charm, am I right? The Ash Always Loses meme can now be officially retired, Japan is probably going to declare a national holiday in honour of ol’ Satoshi and if you mention the Orange Islands arc then get out it doesn’t count that’s not a real Pokémon League challenge. After all these years, for one shining moment, Ash is finally the best like no one ever was.

And I bet all those Simba Tazos I saved up are now going to be worth a fortune.

Last Updated: September 16, 2019

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