Home Gaming Home Security compromised – Who let the South Africans in?

Home Security compromised – Who let the South Africans in?

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The public Beta for Home has been around now for about 6 days and already people have found a few security holes in it.

Most of them are minor and are more a commercial threat to Sony than anything to serious. You see Sony are planning on making some cash by selling things to decorate your space in Home and letting you watch movies in Home. However a new hack has been released where you can literally plug into the downstream and put whatever you want into your space for free.

The more worrying one though is that someone has found a way to upload any file they like to the Home servers which means that they could theoretically upload a virus into the Home world which would then be downloaded onto your PS3.

Or they could just kill Home.

Sony are going to have to patch this quickly before the mass market headlines all read “PlayStation 3 attacked by rogue computer virus”

Source: Daily Telegraph

Last Updated: December 18, 2008

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