Homefront Leaked–How does this keep happening?

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Homefront Leaked–How does this keep happening? 2

Over the next two weeks we have two highly anticipated titles coming out, Dragon Age 2 from EA Games and Homefront from THQ.

The games themselves appear to have very little in common apart from the fact that both titles have already been leaked to the pirates of the world.

What I don’t understand is how this keeps on happening, I mean surely it’s not that hard to lockdown a factory during a print run to ensure that no one leaves with a disc or enters with a USB drive of any kind?

Are these guys acting like the spies we see on TV and embedding USB drives in their shoes or coffee flasks or something?

With way it’s a blow to both EA and THQ and will hurt THQ far more as this is their big title of the year and it has been in development for years. So do the right thing and if you like the look of Homefront go out and buy a copy.

Source: outpostgames

Last Updated: March 7, 2011

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