Homeworld looks like a masterclass in remastering

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The Homeworld remastered collection is out in just about two weeks, bringing back that classic, ground-breaking 3D RTS action. It’s the same games you loved, gussied up in the latest technological finery – but as a remaster, it’s more than that. There are a few incredible touches that bring the 15 years old classic in to the modern age.

If you’ve never played the game, or have but can’t remember what Kharak or Hiigaran even mean, then there’s a brand new story trailer out to remind you. It should also remind that even though it’s been fifteen years, there’s just been else like Homeworld – and not only that, nobody’s even really tried to replicate it. Maybe it’s because the traditional RTS genre, Starcraft aside, has fallen by the wayside, maybe it’s because its controls just wouldn’t translate well to consoles.

Speaking to us in an interview, Gaearbox’s Brian Martel explained why Homeworld is still relevant after all these years.

There is nothing else like it and there really hasn’t been a good attempt at it in all that time. While it was unique and different then, it has a wonderful heart that people are still attracted to. Players will be able to see it as a novel alternative – similar to all the indies that we’ve been seeing lately.

Homeworld was picked up by Gearbox as one of the last titles in THQ’s great big IP firesale a few years ago. They’re making decent use of it; after the remaster there’s a new Homeworld game called Shipbreakers that they’re publishing. It’s being developed by many of the original dev team, now at Blackbird interactive. Let’s hope it manages it capture the original spark that made Homeworld so good in the first place.

Homeworld is coming back to your PC towards the end of this month. We’ve got a little more on the game coming up later today – so you can see if the remaster’s been worth it.

Last Updated: February 12, 2015

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