Homeworld Remastered gets the mothership of all collector’s editions

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Can you hear it? The siren call of a special edition game, packed with all manner of goodies which haven’t been since 1998 in an oversized box? Space strategy is heating up today, with a new Civilization game taking to the stars. But it won’t be alone when a remastered edition of Homeworld arrives. And it’s going to be sporting a very limited edition when it launches.

Over at PAX East, Gearbox hosted a panel where they shared more details on the game, as well as the collector’s edition which only number a few thousand. That’s because Homeworld Remastered will ship with a starship that clocks in at a height of 12 inches, or roughly the same size as that “neck massager’” in your mom’s cupboard according to GameSpot.

Thing is, this is more than just a resin reproduction statue that will gather dust with your Duke Nukem bust and Injustice: Gods Among Us display piece. This big beauty will have several bells and whistles, including USB-powered LED lights. There’s no final price on the collector’s edition, but expect it to cost around $100 according to Gearbox.

Homeworld statue

During the panel, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford mentioned that the studio was “hoping to break even” with this special edition, and that an “irresponsible amount” of cash had been put down to create the bundle.

The rest of the items are still subject to change, but expect the collector’s edition to also ship with an art book, manual and download codes for the two Homeworld games.

Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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