Hong Kong Massacre uses zombie stopper weapons

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Hong Kong Massacre

While I was blindly wandering the Internet at 03:36am this morning I stumbled across this prototype trailer for an indie game coming out of Sweden called Hong Kong Massacre.

The game itself appears to be pretty straight forward. You are the main character and you need to clear out buildings of bad guys using some of the most devastating weapons I’ve ever seen.

I’d like to thank Oscar Pistorious for bringing a new saying into our lives and for the first time ever we can now see what a real Zombie Stopper weapon is.

Just take a look at how these enemy characters explode when being shot with any of the three weapons. BOOOOM

The game is still in an early prototype stage and the developer has stated that he wants it out this year on Mac, Linux and PC.

I’m interested to see how he is pulling off the twin stick shooter mechanics, I’m presuming here, on a PC though. This looks like the perfect title to land on Vita and as an arcade title.

Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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