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Hopefully the last word on Comic Con SA

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I posted up an in depth article on Friday about everything that is wrong with Comic Con SA which raised a lot of interest from gamers and main stream media alike with the article being referred to by the Mail and Guardian and Channel24 alike.

I even got a call from a radio host for EuroTrashMusic who requested a live interview to discuss the issues.

I’m not much of a radio or TV person; I prefer hiding behind the keyboard –  but I agreed to the interview and you hear what I had to say right here. It isn’t anything new so I wouldn’t waste your time if you have read my article.

But what was amazing is that as soon as I was off the air the organisers, who many people are struggling to get hold of, agreed to come on and do an interview as well; and how that ended is mind boggling.

Yes you heard that correctly, after stumbling around trying to explain the point of the convention the organiser himself, Tlou Ramatlhodi, stated live on air that if you were planning on heading down to see Comic Con he personally recommends you don’t.

And with that statement all hope that they were going to put a lot of effort into marketing Comic Con and making it something fantastic went out the window.

And so here ends the sad tale of Comic Con South Africa.

Or does it… during the many conversations I’ve had since I posted up this article I have been told by informed people that there are currently proper preparations being made to bring a true Comic Con to South Africa and all this debacle has proven is that we all really want to see one.

Let’s hope there is more than words behind those promises.

And remember, you don’t get a free pass just because you are doing something cool. Do it right and we’ll praise you but mess around like these guys and we’ll be sure to tell everyone about it.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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