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How do you see the PS3?

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What do you see here? SarcasticGamer.com has put together a nice article debating why the PS3 is loved and loathed in equal measures across the Internet.

I really think the guy has hit onto something but I do get the feeling that he still feels the PS3 is not worth the extra charge. A bit of a fanboy undertone I guess.

However I don’t think you will need to look very far to find someone who claims it isn’t fanboyism but rather more to do with the 360 being well priced and offering what a gamer really needs.

In a nutshell he is saying that the PS3 is a perfect next gen gaming console if you haven’t used the 360. Now if this was a year ago I would be agreeing with him 100%, towards the end of last year however the PS3 started to come into it’s own and I would say there are only three things holding it back from being a better gaming console than the Xbox 360 at the moment.

1. Rumbling controllers, until they are bundled they don’t count
2. PSN is not integrated adequately enough
3. Those Blu-Ray lasers seem to be failing just a little to often and without a 3 year warranty I am now a bit worried.

The original article is waiting for your appraisal through the link

Source: SarcasticGamer

Last Updated: May 15, 2008

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