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Darryn's take on rAge, with more melting and bat cleavage!

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What a weekend! Everyone who knows me, knows how I love my comic books and heroes, but I’ve never had the courage before to actually dress up and appear before a live crowd in a suit that can be revealing. But this last weekend, I finally put a years worth of work on, and hit the Coca Cola Dome, with Geoff in tow as my faithful Alfred Ntombela. And what an experience it was…

First off, anyone who happened to be in Jozi this past weekend, knows just how damn hot it was. Hell, I’ve got an iron constitution for heat forged in the wastelands of Steytlerville, and even I was suffering. But imagine that heat, while inside a dome filled to capacity with people, no aircon, and inside a suit made of heavy rubber and various materials.

I almost died, but at least my pain was shared by several other cosplayers in fantastic suits, such as Spawn and Iron Man. Although next year, I’m dressing up as Nurse Jenny from Pokémon, as our favourite cosplayer KomboKitten seemed to be delightfully cool and energetic in that very get up. Although she never fixed Pikachu’s ear up. Tsk!

And that’s another great thing about the event this year. There were so many cosplayers around, and quite a few fresh faces as well. I saw everyone, from Full Metal Alchemists’ Fuehrer Bradley, got shot by a Call of Duty soldier and stood head to shoulder with a fantastic Poison Ivy and Princess Leia.

Hell, I got scolded by a Haruko Haruhara from FLCL for not using the proper Batman voice, met a Harley Quinn from Dark Carnival who nailed the New York Queens dialect perfectly and hid behind a warlock when I spotted Bane.

There was a ton of variety this year, and while anime dominated as usual, it was fantastic to see some western influence creeping in as well with the big competition that Legion Ink hosted.

And then we took the stage, all going on one by one, and to say that the crowd popped for each and every person who showed off their gear, is an understatement. You guys that were there, you erupted like a volcano of good cheer and encouragement, and it was a pleasure to brofist you all.

Legion Ink did a bang up job with the event, and even though the communication could have been better with the entrants regarding what was going to happen after the competition, it was a sterling performance overall.

In fact, that may just be the very highlight of the whole experience, was interacting with people. I couldn’t take two steps without posing for some photos, and for those of you that I had to rush past and ignore, I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t give you something funny for your Facebook profile.

But talking smack with Iron Man, interacting and discussing techniques with fellow cosplayers, man, what a trip! At the end of the day, I was hot, sticky, sweaty and on the verge of passing out.

And it was totally worth it.

Last Updated: October 8, 2012

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