How much would you pay for old consoles in today’s money?

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I saw an interesting infographic on neoGAF that purports to show a bunch of old consoles, with their launch-time prices adjusted for inflation. If you think the PlayStation 4 costs way too much money, at its US launch price of $399. The Neo-Geo’s price, adjusted for inflation, might make you vomit.

Check it out.


There are some interesting tidbits there. One, is that the pretty damned amazing Dreamcast, a console way a head of its time, launched at an incredible $200, which is amazing value. Also interesting is that according to the graphic, the Neo-Geo would now cost $1125, which is a ludicrous amount of money for a console. Of course, the thing launched at the ludicrous price of $650 back in 1990 – but it’s essentially the same hardware that powered SNK’s arcade games .

While this graphic is very nice to look at, and handy to reference, it does come from the internet, without any sources, and could just be made up. It does, however, come close to the approximations of similar, yet less graphically inclined chart of the same from a rather cool, in-depth article on Gamasutra, whose figures I trust a little more. It’s worth stating that  that article is from last year, so this graphic could be based on newer inflation rates. My own calculations using a handy-dandy tool at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics spits out completely different figures, saying the Neo Geo would now be $1161.48 if it were to be purchased with today’s money.

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Last Updated: December 17, 2013

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