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I’m absolutely shocked to announce that Battlefield 2042 won’t be cheap

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Breaking news: The sky is blue (shut up pedantics with your light refraction claims), water is wet, and video games aren’t cheap. With a new generation of gaming having arrived, prices on titles designed for specific consoles have slowly been creeping up and settling at the $80 mark. US dollar that is, before any Australians in the house demand to know where games are that cheap.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest game in the 2021 schedule to cost a few dollars more on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, as EA revealed the pricing on that title and its many special editions. Here’s a breakdown on the US and local pricing. Quick note, I’m not sure on PlayStation pricing as I hadn’t seen anything at the time of writing, and on Xbox an EA Play membership usually cuts the price down by a hundred Randelas.

I’d recommend keeping an eye on Cheapgamer for when those official PlayStation prices do arrive.

Standard Edition

  • Xbox One: $60 / R1000
  • PS4: $60
  • PC: $60 / R1000
  • Xbox Series X: $70
  • PS5: $70

Gold Edition

  • Xbox One: $100 / R1500
  • PS4: $100
  • Xbox Series X: $100
  • PS5: $100
  • PC: $90 / R1300

Ultimate Edition

  • Xbox One: $120 / R1700
  • PS4: $120
  • Xbox Series X: $120
  • PS5: $120
  • PC: $110 / R1600

For a quick recap on how the content works, the Gold Edition comes with the Year One pass which is all four seasons and three Epic skin bundles, while the Ultimate Edition bundles all that together with the Midnight Ultimate Bundle, the digital artbook, and digital soundtrack. Pre-orders get access to the upcoming open beta, while Gold and Ultimate Edition owners get to play the game one week early from October 15.

EA’s sports games also saw an increase in pricing last year on new-gen consoles, while other big AAA game publishers have mentioned previously that rising costs in developments have forced them to increase prices. Just don’t ask why all those season passes, battle passes, and mountains of DLC that pull in a vast majority of sales don’t cover those development costs anymore.

For more on Battlefield 2042 and its big changes, you can read an even BIGGER post from Kervyn on the game that details almost everything. Seriously, it’s an article big enough to be mistaken for a moon.

Last Updated: June 10, 2021

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