How our Gamescom sponsorship works

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Hey! We’re off on Sunday to Cologne in Germany so that we can revel in the sights and sounds, drink a lot of beer, and cover some games while we’re there. We’ve been “sponsored” once again to do so, and whenever we are, we’re always asked to provide full disclosure on how it works.

For those of you who don’t care about reading words, and want to listen to the dulcet tones produced by my pipes while staring at my fat face, you can watch me attempt to explain it in the video below.

Here’s how it works. We approach potential sponsors beforehand with a proposal, offering premium rate advertising to them. In effect, all they’re doing is advertising on the site during the rather busy month of Gamescom, E3 or whatever other large event we may happen to be covering. The money is for advertising, not direct sponsorship – and we use that money to cover the cost of the event, including flights and hotels .

We prefer to do things this way, as it means that our advertiser then never have any say over our editorial content, meaning we reserve the right to say whatever we like about whatever branding happens to be plastered over the site.

This year, the lovely people who’ve made it possible for us to get to Gamescom are:

  • Megarom
  • Activision and
  • Xbox One

I’d also like to thank Acer South Africa for supplying us with light little ultrabooks to carry around, and Samsung for loaning us an NX 30 Smart camera so that even a numpty like me can take photos.

Thanks, guys.

That said, we will not bow to any sponsor.

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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