How successful was the Steam Summer Sale?

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Just Gaben crying some dollar bills

It’s no secret that any sale Valve throws moves millions of units and rakes in tons of cash. Ever wondered what the specific numbers look like though? Wonder no more… Steam Spy has shared some statistics on the recent Steam Summer sale and, well, no wonder Gabe has dollar bills spilling out of his eyes!

Here’s an overview from Steam Spy’s Summer Sale statistics page (via Polygon):

Actual number of total copies sold during the sale is bigger than shown below, because many games sold less than 5,000 copies and weren’t accounted for!


Actual revenue might be vastly different from what is shown because:

1) There are many ways to obtain a game outside Steam;

2) Some games are sold in bundles, but displayed here separately;
3) Prices vary a lot depending on the country the buyer is from.


Games in this stats: 1186
Average userscore: 81.98%
Average metascore: 76.11%
Total copies sold: 38,394,895
Total revenue: $241,145,111
Average price: $5.69
Average discount: 66.92%

Steam Spy say the actual revenue number may be different from what is shown, but what difference does a few million dollars make when you’re cashing in nearly a quarter of a billion? That is crazy!

Keep in mind that the revenue isn’t the money Valve pockets – it gets split between them and the developers. Still, that’s a staggering amount of total money made considering the sale only lasted 10 days!

Steam Spy have a further breakdown of how each individual game sold and how much revenue they made. Can you guess which game sold best? Here are the top 10:


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve’s very own shooter, now has almost 1 million extra people playing it. Total War titles also sold well, placing in 2nd and 3rd place. ARK, an indie title still in development, sold over 400,000 copies – those developers must be smiling from ear to ear!

As a matter of interest, I checked which game made the most revenue. It was Total War: Attila – pulling in $14,733,246! It “only” had a 33% discount, so it’s kind of surprising to see that it sold that well. Then again, ARK was discounted by 17%, and it sold well too.

There you have it. Valve made a lot of money, developers made a lot of money. Gamers? They got a bunch of new titles to add to their backlog. EVERYBODY WINS!

Last Updated: June 26, 2015

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