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I’m currently massively addicted to GTA Online and our in house crew is growing nicely, come join us to help us on our way to world domination. But a new video has popped up today that has me worried that the game may soon be less enjoyable.

The video comes from the guys at SomeFilthyCasuals and involves the ability to turn your character invisible in the game and then you can run around the entire map and no one can see you.

Not only can they not see you but you also don’t show up on the mini map so it’s impossible to protect yourself from crazed invisible lunatics.

I seriously doubt you can enter missions like this but that doesn’t mean your fun can’t be ruined by this so please Rockstar make sure you push this issue to the top of your list and sort this one out before it becomes a plague.

And guys we all know GTA V is known for their cheats and that’s a lot of fun for some, hell we have a list of all the cheats right here, but the online version is different. Please don’t ruin it. Rockstar has just released a patch weighing in at 39Mb that removes some of the XP and money farming exploits in the online game, but as far as we know, doesn’t address the invisible man glitch. 

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Last Updated: October 9, 2013

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