How to control your PS4 with your voice

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Microsoft’s new console isn’t the only system that let’s you use the god-like power of your voice to control the thing; Sony’s PlayStation 4 also allows you to shout at your TV to get it to do things. Naturally, The Playstation4 implementation of voice controls is somewhat more rudimentary than the sort you’ll find on the Xbox One, but it seems like it works well enough.

Best if all, is you won’t need to have the add-on PS eye camera system at all; you can boss your PS4 around using the included, substandard headset that comes with every PS4 sold.  Here it is in action, courtesy of PlayStation All Access.

Honestly though, as cool and useful as it looks, I’m just not above pressing buttons to get things done. Plus, I end up looking like less of a twat.

Will you be using your beautiful voices to control your consoles?

Last Updated: November 26, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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