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How to create custom liveries in Project CARS

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Project CARS, according to fans, is one hell of a racing game. We’ve got our own review on the way, but its safe to say that the game is a hit and has been well worth the wait. It’s gorgeous, cars are fast ‘n furious and the in-game AI would sooner smash the paint off of your vehicle than give you a gap. Sounds rad. But what would be even better than that? Custom liveries on your car, that’s what. Here’s how you can achieve that.

The catch here of course, being that only PC gamers will be able to do this. Sorry PlayStation and Xbox One fans, you’re out of luck on this feature. Having a bit of photoshop knowledge (And Adobe Photoshop or GIMP itself) will also help, but you can get everything you need to get started, right over here on the Project Cars forums. It’s a neat little feature, so expect to see plenty of custom jobs from the growing Project CARS community that happens to be rather active right now.

It’s not too challenging. Basically, you’ve just got to line your liveries up, with some photoshop on a template such as this:


Line everything up, chop, edit and change as you see fit. I recommend putting Peniston Oil liveries on all the doors, for all the giggles. The instructions are easy enough, so go make us proud. 4K liveries are supported, provided that your PC can handle all those extra pixels and whatnot. Massive thanks to Uberutang for the link.

Last Updated: May 11, 2015

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