How to draw the mighty Excalibastard from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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Throughout history, there have been many legendary weapons. The six-shooters of Wyatt Earp. The mighty Excalibur of King Arthur. The hammer of Thor, Mjolnir. My poor attempts at cooking. But behold, the latest instrument of death to join the ranks of these legendary weapons! Behold, the Excalibastard!

First up, here’s where you can find the gun in the game. Head outside, go to Triton Flats and head towards Stanton’s Liver. Once you you’re there, head for the bridge but take a left turn before crossing it. Moon-hop across the cliffs, and you’ll find the proverbial gun-sword in the stone, waiting to test your mettle. Here’s what it looks like:


Look at that. A shiny legendary gun, just waiting to be pulled out and used to spread bullets everywhere on Elpis. The catch however, is that you need to be badass enough to pull it. Plenty badass. Or have a rank that is around 2500 in badassitude, in order to draw the Excalibastard.

The best way of course to gain badass points to increase your rank, is to tackle various challenges in the game, or to treat a woman with respect. Remember, nothing is more badass than that according to Mr Torgue. Rank up, and you’ll soon be able to pull the gun, which will be tied to your character level. Still, here’s what it looks like at level 30:



Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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