How to earn easy Survivor XP in Dying Light

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Dying Light is the kind of game that is best when you ignore the main story and instead plunge headfirst into the zombie apocalypse. It’s a fantastic sandbox on its own, a world worth exploring with a co-op partner and making your playground. It’s also a bit of a broken game, with several exploits and glitches present. If you’re struggling thanks to the steep difficulty curve in the game, you’re most likely in need of some of that sweet, sweet Survivor XP. Here’s how you can exploit the game to get plenty of the stuff.

It’s pretty simple actually. Using the weapon duplication cheat, you can apply that exploit to the in-game air drops, to rack up some valuable experience points. What’ll you’ll need to do is simple enough, according to NabiscoGaming:

In the city of Harran, you can easily find regular GRE disaster relief supply drops. Find one, kill the thugs around it and take the packages inside. Usually, you can turn them into the Quartermaster and receive a hefty XP bonus for your efforts. Instead of doing that right away however, just grab a couple more of the packages. Find a co-op partner, and have them drop their packages and immediately disconnect back to the dashboard. But as they’re hitting the dashboard, you need to grab all the packages. Your pal then joins you again, and can then retrieve his packages, while you have the duplicates. Easy peasy.

You can then make multiple stacks of 99 disaster relief packages, which should be able to help you reach the level cap of 25 in about 20 minutes. Bear in mind that this will probably take all the challenge out of the game, but that’s up to you. Because some of us need to earn those skill points that allow us to move through the zombie herds quicker after we camouflage ourselves with their entrails. I’m just sayin’.

Last Updated: February 3, 2015

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