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How to get an affordable next-generation console

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Gaming is expensive. I seriously want a next generation console, but I’m grappling with that price tag. To be honest, I will probably end up waiting until next year when more games are released and there are some cool bundles with extra controllers. Oh who am I kidding? I will be buying one ASAP! So, how do we make it affordable?

Okay, we already know that you could just go and buy a PS4 from your preferred retail store. This will run you the recommended retail price of R6300 which you will need to pay in full. That’s quite a lump sum. To be honest, that’s probably what will happen as soon as Christmas bonuses hit. However, there are some other ways.

For those with an Edgar’s account, you could choose to preorder your PS4 through CNA and pay off your account interest free over six months. If you sign up for a new account, you even get R500 off your first purchase over R2000 (check your vouchers, though – this doesn’t seem to be universal at all Edgars/CNAs). This sounds like a match made in heaven – R500 off your console, and you get to pay it off over six months; if we budget it out over six months, you’re looking at R966 per month for six months and that console is fully paid. Not too bad.

Of course, some of you have FNB accounts. FNB has a huge offering on devices. We know it’s part of their retention program – you can get a discount on an iPad or PC, but you will have to pay it off over two years; if you try to pay it off early you have to pay the full retail price. Anyway, FNB are already offering Xbox 360s through their smart device program. Now, HTXT has confirmed that FNB will indeed be offering the PS4 through the same program. Even without the usual R500 discount that FNB gives on their tech offerings, that’s a monthly repayment of about R260 per month. Granted you’ll be paying it off for two years, but that’s really not too bad – cheaper than your average phone contract, and at least this device won’t be obsolete when you finish paying it off. Well, at least we hope not.

For those of you waiting for the Xbox One, we still don’t know when it is coming. However, considering that FNB is already offering Xbox 360s, and that our local Xbox PR rep has to train the good people of FNB, I think it’s safe to assume that they’ll be offering a similar deal when that console arrives on our shores. Or you could got the CNA route on that one, too. I’m just hoping that when the Xbox One lands in SA it comes with some epic bundles to make up for our lack of pretty Day One editions.

Last Updated: November 25, 2013

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