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How to get infinite caps in Fallout 4

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Out of all the random items to choose as a new form of currency in the wastelands of Fallout 4, bottle caps are an odd but inspired choice. They were pretty much everywhere, they’re easy to carry and they can be used to gouge the eye out of a super mutant when things get hairy.

It’s just a pity that my plan for the alternative currency of the Bison dollar never took, for one of those bills would have been worth ten bottle caps once I’d kidnapped the queen of England.

Anyway, bottle caps is where its at in Fallout 4. You’ll need plenty of them jingling and jangling in your skin-tight pockets as you make your way through the game. But it’d be nice to have an endless supply of the stuff. And that’s easy!

According to players who found a glitch in the game (Vintage Bethesda!), all you have to do is hit up your nearest vendor. Then follow these steps:

  • Buy one type of ammo, and only one type. Also, buy all of it.
  • Sell only one of it back to the vendor
  • Do not complete the sale
  • Sell ammo again, but make certain that your ammo counter doesn’t reach zero
  • Your ammo count won’t decrease, but your caps will go up

Easy, right? Here’s the catch though: The vendors are going to pull a Skyrim on you. They’ve only got so many caps on them, so once you’ve fleeced them, it’s over. Your best bet is to hit a vendor with a ton of caps, like Diamond City’s Arturo.

As usual, a word of warning: You’re free to do this, but it may take some of the fun out of your nuclear sails. On the other hand, having access to awesome gear early in the game is aces. Mind you, this exploit will probably be patched out soon, so get those caps while they’re hot.

Last Updated: November 12, 2015

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