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How to give your games unlimited detail

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Before you start accusing of us sensationalist headlines again, let me reassure you that the above attention-grabber comes straight from the source, or in this case, a small Australian studio who are working on new ways with which to increase graphical clarity. Who presumably drank way too much before they announced their breakthrough.

In a recent tech demo, Brisbane-based Euclideon showed how using tiny little atoms and point cloud data for 3D objects instead of the more traditional polygons could create more realistic models and environment, while still filling the screen with huge amounts of compressed data.

Euclideon claims that they can fill one square meter of game space with up to 15 million converted polygons, or 100 000 times more data than is currently available. Euclideon also demoed some new technology which converted existing polygon models into cloud point data, revealing how potentially magnificent a game could really look when using their software.

Still its not gamers who have to be convinced about the potential leap in graphical power here, but rather the developers, who have been designing using the polygon method for years now.

Watch the video for a detailed look at the tech, but beware, the insanely irritating narration might cause you to go on a homicidal killing spree.

Source: Kotaku


Last Updated: August 2, 2011

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