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How to Grow Your Gaming Social Media Following

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The number of followers for a streamer’s social media profile is a measure of how many people are interested in their content. The more fans, the higher the page in the top and the author can earn extra money.

Snarking up instagram viewers is relevant in cases of:

  • a small increase in audience during the last week/month;
  • you need to gather a certain number of followers on the page. To bring the account into the popular and appear in the list of “Top 500”;
  • to attract a new organic audience. Other users will see that the entry has made it to the top and will be interested in the new streamer.

As with other platforms, Instagram subscribers act as an indicator of an author’s activity and popularity.

And the platform supports several forms of subscription: paid by tier and free. If the channel owner has the paid form enabled, you won’t be able to get new fans. To make your blog look cool and modern, you can promote yourself via “Viplikes’’, also it is important to find, analyze and adapt the new trends, jokes and add short videos from your streams.

Why the gaming community needs contests

Contests are an essential part of user outreach, according to Buffer. They help a young community find an audience and then continue to attract new members as the community grows (see why here). Once the community is established and these tasks are in the background, the main goal is to keep subscribers engaged and interested.

Current games and categories

To become a popular streamer, a user should study the current situation on the site, choose the most viewed bloggers and follow their example.

But there are peculiarities of promotion, which will help in promotion of the account:

  • see how many competitors there are on the chosen topic;
  • subscribe to different categories to keep up to date with the latest trends;
  • promote your page in other social networks;
  • to hold regular drawings. On the streaming platform and on Instagram, there is the option of creating your own boxes to receive various prizes.

If the channel owner constantly communicates with the audience, creates giveaways and has gathered at least once 1000 viewers on a low-level account – his channel can get to the top and gain new subscribers.

Ways to get involved

First of all, it is important to understand that it is a whole range of different activities: competitions, polls, running columns, publishing user-generated content, posts with news and useful information, music selections, interviews with players and much more. When choosing methods of work, be guided by the peculiarities of the project, the specifics of the social network and its audience.

There are many effective interactions that provide participants with a fun way to spend time in the community. You can publish crossword & puzzles – it all depends on your imagination and the interests of your users.

Out-of-the-box ideas for the channel

It is possible to gain subscribers without using additional services. But in this case, it takes longer to gain an audience: there are pitfalls associated with promoting an account without investment.

Also, Instagram opens up space for unconventional ideas, but with the platform’s rules in mind.

How to engage your audience with unconventional ideas:

  • Add your own music. Play the guitar, ukulele;
  • original design of the channel;
  • weekly picks with the nicknames of the best sponsors;
  • jokes and anecdotes in the videos.

The more the channel owner interacts with the audience, the higher its popularity and therefore more subscribers. Streamers who have thought through an account development plan in advance have more subscribers than those who make broadcasts “for themselves” or “entertainment”.

How to stay popular

The service for the recruitment of followers on Instagram is aimed at attracting an audience with a guarantee. But if the owner of the channel does not release videos or shoot only the same type of broadcasts – any interested subscriber will unsubscribe from the account as the content is not relevant. You can also get targeted, and cheap followers from a website called Superviral.

How not to lose popularity:

  • Post new videos regularly and remind yourself;
  • Participate in more than just game broadcasts. This involves communicating with your audience, watching other videos, and in a Q&A format;
  • adding links to your other accounts on your profile to share news with your followers.

The owner of an instagram profile should keep up to date with the latest developments in the gaming field to stay interested. It is also important to keep abreast of what the competitors are doing, so that you can choose topics for your next broadcasts well in advance.


  • Run contests with multiple prizes. The more satisfied users, the better.
  • Always keep a balance in rewards, mechanics, conditions and number of interactives. If you make raffles too often, you might spoil your audience, and if you publish only informative posts, subscribers will get bored. 
  • Don’t run a contest for the sake of a contest. Define in advance the key indicators against which you will monitor effectiveness, and measure statistics at all stages of implementation: before, during and after.
  • Use playful slang in your publications that subscribers use. This builds loyalty and therefore engagement. This way, we show that we are on the same page with them.
  • Don’t be afraid of negative comments, learn how to deal with them. Even if a user writes negative feedback, he is involved in the process and cares about your game.

In conclusion, we want to stress: when running contests and interactives in social networks, focus on your goals first and remember that quality, not quantity, is the priority. A small but active audience is much more valuable than an audience of millions with no interest in the project.

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

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