How will you play Crysis 3?

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Did you ever read those “Choose your own adventure” books, where you’d have to flip to random pages for the story to proceed in the manner of your choosing? They were kind of like rudimentary RPGs, only mostly pretty poorly written and inevitably about wizards or barbarians.  If you did, then you’re probably a giant nerd – but that’s OK. I’m a giant nerd too! But then you’d also know what to expect from this interactive Crysis 3 trailer.

Utilising Youtube’s ability to jump to different segments of a video at the press of a button (or click of a mouse!) you get to choose how you’d play through the section of Crysis 3 that was demoed at E3 a little more than a month ago. How will you tackle the overgrown jungle of a post-apocalyptic New York?

With a fancy bow and arrow, of course! Crysis 3 is coming for X360, PS3, and PC next year.

1. Click to play video
2. Choose how you’d play
3. Shoot stuff
4. ???
5. Prophet.

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

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