How’s your post-holiday backlog looking?

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For many unfortunates, holidays came to an abrupt end last week already, but for most of us, today means going back to work after a short break. I don’t know what you did with your time off, but my goal was to plough through as many games as possible, in an attempt to destroy my ever-increasing backlog of games.

My plan was to play through a bunch of older games I’d not had the time to finish, and the only one of those I managed to do was to finish GTA V. Finally.

Instead though, I sat on the couch in my underwear and played through a bunch of shiny new games; I plundered the oceans as Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed IV, shot all the things in Killzone: Shadow Fall. I’ve played a bunch of Battlefield 4, even venturing online, and spent far, far too much time pretending to run a faux restaurant in the insanely addictive OCD nightmare Cook, Serve, Delicious and played through iPad puzzler The Room and its sequel.

I had intended to play through Fallout 3 (again!) after picking the GOTY version up for R35 or so, and finally finish the next bit of the fight in Halo 4 (which I haven’t played beyond the third level). I was going to spend more time with Desktop Dungeons. I had every intention of nailing XCOM’s expansion pack, and  wasting a few hours with Deadpool. I even wanted to take 4 hours out of my schedule to work my way through Ghosts. Time ran away from me. Mostly because I spent the time I wasn’t playing games watching re-runs of QI and eating terribly unhealthy snack foods.

What games did you manage to get through these holidays? Have you managed to make a serious dent in your backlog?

Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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