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Huge gaming sale at Kalahari.com

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I love Steam, and my backlog over there is extensive. However, I still believe that we need to support retailers or eventually we will be completely dependent on digital distribution. Over at Kalahari, they’re running a massive sale with some prices rivalling that of Steam.

You can see all the items on sale over here. Just check out some of these insane prices. Now I have a feeling our console gaming backlog is going to grow even more!

First up, there’s Tomb Raider for R279


Then we get Bioshock Infinite, also going for R279 or a premium edition for R499.


You can also pick up Battlefield 4 for R429 (slashed from R700) for console or R399 for PC.


FIFA fans can pick up FIFA 14 for a reduced price of R429, although I assume most of you are waiting for PS4 or Xbox One versions.


Finally, PS3 owners among you can finally get your hands on cheaper copies of Diablo 3 (R449), Beyond: Two Souls (R429) and The Last of Us (R399).


Plenty of awesome games to pick up. If you haven’t got your gaming vacation planned yet, this might give you some inspiration. I currently have 4 console games and 5 Steam games planned for the holidays. Seriously planning on bunking Xmas lunch if it’s going to cut into my gaming time. Priorities!

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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