Huge PS3 Exclusive Announcement – August 3

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Playstation Lifestyle is reporting that they are thrilled to let us know that there is going to be a “MAJOR” new PS3 exclusive announced this August. I’m not one to make predictions but if I did, I would say that it might have something to do with that game that I put in the header image. If I turn out to be way off, forget I said anything. If I am right, then remember that you saw it first on Lazygamer!

They also promise to give 2 hints on Saturday 26 July as to what it will be, but for now they aren’t letting anything important slip. What they have done however, is cross off the genre’s that it WON’T be.

So what will this game definitely not be? They say that it is not going to be an RPG, FPS or Next Generation Twisted Metal. They also add at the end that this has absolutely nothing to do with SE’s event on 2 – 3 August.

So, what’s it going to be? A new IP or a mind blowing Next-Gen sequel. Well, it looks as though we will have to wait till August to find out. Whatever it was that Bungie was told to hold back better start getting warmed up because I think Microsoft are going to need to it.

Unless of course, this turns out to be a false story.

source: Playstation Lifestyle

Last Updated: July 24, 2008

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