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HULK SMASH…parking in this new Disney Infinity 2.0 video

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I’ve got a ton of games to go see and pester developers about at E3 next month, but honestly, the thought of seeing tiny super heroes in Disney Infinity makes me feel rather happy inside. All the Avengers will be present in September. Including everyone’s favourite gamma-powered green steroid rage monster, the Hulk. Especially when you see him in a video that confirms that Spider-Man is on the way.

Here’s the latest video for Disney Infinity 2.0, which features the voice cast from the Avengers Assemble cartoon having a quick Frost Giant battle in New York City while Loki watches on. Business as usual then for Earth’s mightiest heroes:

You catch the Spider-Man reference back there? No? Here, look at this screenshot:

Spidey mobile Disney

See what Hulk is riding right there? That’s the Spider-Mobile, which Spidey acquired in an effort to save some bucks on web-fluid while giving mother nature a carbon footprint up the ass. According to the Spidey wiki:


The Spidermobile (of Earth-616) is a short-lived car designed by Spider-Man and Human Torch. It is equipped with a durable exterior and interior, with nozzles that shoot webbing similar to what Spider-Man is capable of generating. The biggest reasons why Spider-Man is rarely seen driving it is because he never got his drivers license once he was able to web swing everywhere he needed to go.

Yes, this actually happened in the Spider-Man comics. And yes, I am a giant nerd for knowing this. Disney Infinity 2.0 swings into stores in September, true believers. Nuff said.

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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  1. So… Basically Disney has turned into a money press. Man, this looks AWESOME!


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