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Hulkamania bans run wild in WWE 2K16

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LET ME TELL YA SOMETHIN’ BROTHER! If there’s one thing that WWE 2K16 nails this year, it’s a roster that has more muscles than the audience at an EFC event. All the legends are there, alongside hot new talent such as Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze. Legends like Dude Love, Farooq and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. But let me tell ya somethin’ else brother: You won’t see Hulkamania running wild this year in WWE 2K16. And don’t even try to import a Hulkamaniac into the game, because that’ll just get you power-bombed with a ban.

If there’s one thing that you need to remember about the WWE, it’s that it’s a product. A very meticulous product, where every single detail is scrutinised to an absurd degree in order to put on a family-friendly show that involves weekly flesh collisions between jive-talking superstars. Entrances, commentary, shoots and the outcomes of matches are all pre-determined.

It’s that level of control which has also resulted in a zero tolerance policy that has seen many a superstar future endeavoured by the higher-ups in the WWE, for breaking the rules. And no one is exempt from the rules, not even legends such as Hulk Hogan, who got a blacklisting of note this year.

That all stems from the recent publication of racist remarks made back in 2007, which resulted in the WWE scrubbing Hogan from the archives completely. No more Legends deal, no mention of him whatsoever in the media: Hogan was pretty much dead to the WWE.

And when the WWE kills a character like that from their history, it usually extends to the games as well. It’s also why you won’t see guys like Chris Benoit in a WWE game, because that just ended in pure tragedy.

Anyway, the point here, is that some people are going to try and upload a custom character based on Hogan up to the 2K servers. And they’re more than capable of creating a digital Hollywood Hulk Hogan, thanks to the in-game creation suite. Thing is, doing so could end up with you being slapped with a ban.

That’s according to Daniel Comer, who goes by the alias DanielakaDee via PowerUpGaming, who got handed a temporary ban-bomb when he uploaded a few Hogan models on to the 2K servers:



According to community manager Bryan Vore however (Who got the expulsion overturned), uploading Hogan shouldn’t ‘alone’ be worth a ban. But it clearly is still something that is considered verboten in WWE 2K16. And it’s a problem that could easily be solved by having the WWE just publish a list of unacceptable content.

Mind you, that would most likely also just stir the pot, but I can’t think of any better solutions right now, beyond hobbling the Create-A-Wrestler mode to make it impossible to have certain combinations of flesh, hair and clothing. So yeah, creating a Hulk Hogan wrestler isn’t against the rules, but uploading one certainly seems to be.

On the plus side, you should have no problem uploading a Mr America wrassler. That blue-spandexed performer who uses an atomic leg-drop as a finishing move and refers to everybody as his brother, totally isn’t Hulk Hogan in disguise. Brother.

Last Updated: November 5, 2015

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