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Human Revolution’s ending doesn’t really matter to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided ignoring past endings

The revitalisation of Deus Ex in Human Revolution was almost perfect. It had immaculate gameplay, some excellent characters and a setting that was drenched in equal parts of promise and dread. It’s bosses were not so fantastic, but the real let-down of the entire thing was the ending. Or endings, as it turned out – with Adam Jensen going full Deus Ex Machina to strike out all the decisions you had made until that point.

Eidos Montreal acknowledge the different ways in which Human Revolution ended, but almost make them entirely irrelevant in the upcoming sequel Mankind Divided. Speaking to PC Gamer, Mary DeMarle, lead writer on both Mankind divided and Human Revolution, explained how some players had become so attached to the endings they had chosen. And how they couldn’t possibly turn around and take that away from them.

Everyone chose their ending and it was a big decision. We had people write to us and say they had half hour discussions with their partner about what they were going to do. We don’t want to rob that from anybody. We realised that there are three people in the world who know what decision was made: Adam Jensen, Eliza, and you, the player.

Of course this presents a few problems going forward. How can all the endings lead to the same storyline that Mankind Divided seeks to kick off? Turns out the trick lies in the perception of the events that transpired at the end of Human Revolution. No one aside from Jensen and a few others actually know what happened. To everyone else, Augmented citizens just “went crazy”.

The thing that is true, that everyone knows, is that millions of augs went crazy and hundreds of millions of people died, and the Panchaea installation got so damaged that it collapsed and people died in it, and then there are rumours.

It’s a clever way to skirt around one of the weakest parts of Human Revolution and not letting it impact the story going forward. And in many ways it works too. The added tension around not knowing what really happened will hopefully be felt by the many NPCs you encounter in the sequel, while Jensen himself might be haunted by the decision he made alone.

Or it could just be Eidos Montreal putting their fingers in their ears and hoping never to hear about the endings ever again. Yeah, sounds about right.

Last Updated: November 2, 2015

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