Humanity is at risk in ReCore

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Sitting through all the E3 press conferences is quite a task. Sometimes it’s worthwhile and fulfilling, but there’s always the risk of sitting through one like EA’s. During the Xbox press conference, we got to see a reveal trailer for ReCore which instantly made me grateful to have an Xbox One seeing as it’s an exclusive. Now we get some more details about the game and I need to know even more.

Here is an official Xbox video interview with game creators Keiji Inafune and Mark Pacini:

The main character’s name is Jewel and her robot dog thing is named Mack. Mack belongs to a faction of robots who want to help bring back humanity to this planet. Of course, there’s another faction that doesn’t want this to happen. As she goes deeper into the game and into the depths of the planet, the robots become bigger and more difficult to dispatch. Additionally, she meets more companions to help her on the journey.

The landscape will change during the game. Inafune explains:

One of the big features of the game is that the scenery completely changes after a sandstorm, which actually affects the maps in the gameplay.

I like that the world can change depending on the weather. It’s probably a fully scripted event, but it’s still quite a cool concept and I like that it’s not just aesthetic.

It sounds like players will be able to combine cores or put them in different robots, adding a certain level of strategy to the game. Of course, it’s too soon to really know much, but let’s hope that there’s a bunch of information at Gamescom (and maybe even something playable) so that I can satisfy my curiosity for this emotional looking game.

ReCore, Unravel and Horizon: Zero Dawn are all incredible looking new IP that are making me really excited and happy for what’s to come.

Last Updated: June 23, 2015

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