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Humanity is overrated in Mad Max Stronghold Trailer

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I’m still not entirely clear on the story of Mad Max, but I’m not actually sure that I care. I know that when I played it during E3, I got to drive around and kill everything and that was sort of enough for me. There is more to the game, of course, and all that destruction and mayhem might just affect your humanity. Or, you could just keep killing everything and not care, right?

Here is the brand spanking new trailer for Mad Max:

If it’s every man for himself, sometime a man must be an island and do his own thing. Maybe human interaction is necessary, but I might just be perfectly happy killing everything in the desert wasteland of this game. Isn’t it every gamer’s dream to just drive around, blowing things up, killing bad guys and leaving a trail of destruction in your wake?

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, and the story is looking kind of cool with this humanity struggle thing. Granted, it will just make the protagonist into yet another tortured middle-aged white man, but I suppose it’s what we’ve come to expect. Besides, it would just change the story far too much if they veered off of that character cliché for Mad Max.

I’m amped to jump in my car and cruise around the desert landscape. Mad Max is only a month away, and then I can snipe everyone from the back of my car and shoot all the red barrels. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll probably get sucked into the story in less than five minutes.

Last Updated: August 4, 2015

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