Humble Store launches debut sale

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Z shut up and take my money funny meme

I have been a huge fan of the Humble Bundle and Humble Weekly Sale for a while now. Awesome games, grouped together, supporting a good cause. What more could you want? Well, now you can buy different games every day and still get great deals while supporting charity.

I used to feel sad if I didn’t like the Humble Bundle or Weekly Sale – nothing new would come up for a while. But now, every day they’ll be putting different games on sale. It’s like an ala carte Humble Bundle. Go check it out over on the Humble Store.

Today might be the day my Steam backlog grows even more. How can I say no when Prison Architect Alpha is on sale? And for those of you who don’t already have Don’t Starve, go pick it up – that game is worth way more than the $7.49 they’re selling it for today.

Here is the Humble Store launch trailer:

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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