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Humble Store wants all your money

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Z shut up and take my money funny meme

The Steam sale is notorious for taking all our money. It’s very hard to survive one of their sales without caving and buying something. Now, the Humble Store is offering similarly amazing deals, plus you will be giving to a good cause. How can you resist?

Over on Humble Store, they have kicked off their Winter sale with 75% off a variety of games. The games on sale will change every day, so get these deals while they’re hot. Or cold. Or whatever seasonally appropriate temperature reference applies.

Here are some of the ridiculous deals:

  • Gone Home = $9.99
  • Red Faction Collection = $11.99
  • Tropico 4 = $7.49
  • Brutal Legend = $6.59
  • Awesomenauts = $3.33
  • System Shock 2 = $4.99

There’s no wonder my gaming backlog keeps growing. With insane deals on all kinds of games on Steam, Humble Bundle/Store and Good Old Games, I just can’t help but pick up all the games I’ve missed. Not that I have time to play them. For those of you who still don’t know what to get your gamer friends for the holidays, the gift of games is always a good idea, and with all these sites offering insane discounts, there’s really no reason not to just take the plunge.

So, for those of us who are far too sad about not owning a PS4 to play on during the holidays, let’s go drown our sorrows in cheap and awesome gaming.

Last Updated: December 19, 2013

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