Hydrophobia sequel announced

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Queen of the World

I wonder if this is a first…  seem to recall that Too Human was announced as a series of games before the first was released as well?

Either way, the developers of Hydrophobia have announced that the sequel to the yet unreleased game is already planned. The sequel will be set in drowned Boston…

While the original, yet unreleased, version is going to be set on that awesome looking boat up there.

I didn’t know much about this game before seeing this story so I decided to do a little checking up on what it is going to be.

Kate Wilson

Apparently you are going to play Kate Wilson, a beautiful young women with a water phobia who spends most of the game half submerged in water with suicidal maniacs running around… Sold…

What a coincidence that the heroine was wearing a white shirt before being flung into the water… the developers obviously know their target market and we love them for it.

Source: PS3 Attitude.com

Last Updated: September 24, 2008

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