I ain’t afraid of no ghosts in the first Sims 4 update

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A couple of weeks ago, I reckoned that The Sims 4 was a damn fine game, but one that was quite lacking extra features. It’s a side of the game that veterans will feel is lacklustre. But fear not! Content is on the way. Heck, this content is even free, which makes me wonder where the real EA is and if this imposter can stay for longer.

One of three major content drops/updates for The Sims 4, will include ghosts and a Star Wars costume set. If you happen to have killed a Sim or two in your game, they’ll be returning as a ghost that will have a particular personality and behaviour related to the way it died. Needless to say, my main Sim house has so many ghosts haunting it, that it has now been confused for a dubstep rave party. Your Sim ghosts are playable characters, with Maxis teasing that you can even resurrect the poltergeists.

On the cosmetic side of the game, you can now deck your characters out in Star Wars gear that includes Luke Skywalker’s X-wing pilot suit, Yoda’s garb, Leia’s white robes and Darth Vader’s suit. Which might explain why my personal Sim is running around in a frock with buns attached to his head. There’s also some new eye colours on offer and general bug fixes and tweaking within the update.

Expect the November update to finally add pools so that you can drown your Sims by removing the ladder from the pool have a good time, while the December update will add new career paths. And yes, they are indeed 100% free updates.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014

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