I Am Alive cancelled on the PS3 – No it isn’t – Or is it?

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I’m so confused, I started reading a story of how the upcoming Ubisoft title, I Am Alive, had possibly become a Xbox 360 console exclusive seeing as it’s PS3 info screen had been dropped from the Official Ubisoft site.

However as the excitement levels began to rise Ubisoft destroyed a whole day of rumour mongering by simply adding the PS3 info screen back onto their site.

So the story could stop there… but it won’t.

Screens don’t mysteriously just disappear, someone had to log onto their internal site and remove the PS3 listing from the titles screen. This could have been an accident but I have another idea.

No one is expecting any major announcements from Microsoft at Gamescom this week, but can Microsoft swoop in and steal Sony’s PS3 Slim thunder by announcing a raft of new console exclusives for their system?

One of them could be I Am Alive and in preparation for this announcement a desk jockey over at Ubisoft has been updating their systems without realising that it would affect the external facing portal. Other titles that could be on their way to the Xbox 360 could be LA Noire, APB and Half Life 2 Episode 3.

Securing Half Life from an anti-PS3 studio is highly likely and would be a major notch in the Xbox 360’s already impressive belt.

Source: Ubisoft

Last Updated: August 18, 2009

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