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I am Alive… really really isn’t dead

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You know you are toying with the anger of the gods when you call your game “I am Alive” and then subsequently delay it for eternity.

Well contrary to popular belief the title really isn’t dead and will actually be released pretty soon.

How do we know this? Well the Australian ratings board hasn’t read it’s instructions properly and has been kind enough to reveal that the game received a MA15+ rating for strong violence.

The kicker here is that the Australian board won’t rate a game until it’s completed so now that it has a rating it goes without saying that the game is completed and ready for release.

Honestly the fact that we haven’t heard anything about this before it got a rating leads me to believe the game could well be terrible and is now just being thrown out to the dogs so that they can move onto bigger and better things.

But let’s wait until we see and hear more before making any final decisions on I am Alive.. which is in fact Alive.. awesome.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: June 29, 2011

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