I forgot about Home

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Yes I know it’s very bad of me but I have to admit that I had actually forgotten about the PS3 Home service as nothing had been announced for a while.

Well fear not the service is still coming, and soon as well. It is expected to be released in Autumn 2008 and the beta testing has been going strong this entire time.

Things have moved around to make it more usable and new apartments have been added to the system.

I was never a fan of Second Life or the likes and at the moment this is what Home seems to be, however I know that millions of people love this sort of thing so I have no doubt it will be a huge success.

The part that I do dislike however is the ability to buy yourself nice apartments in Home and nicer furniture, I put it into the same boat as paying for new gamer pics on Xbox Live… pointless but people do it anyway.

Let’s just hope that the majority of the experience is free and I will try keep it in mind to check up on how it is going as time goes by.

New changes to Home :: PlayStation Universe (PSU)

Last Updated: February 1, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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