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Batman (14)

I am the night! I am the terror! I am in an immoveable position right now but dammit you will fear me! BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!

If there’s one batsuit that I’ve always wanted to make, and run around in, it’s the one that Michael Keaton wore way back in 1989 for the really big screen adaptation of the caped crusader in Batman. That suit still looks timeless and classic to me, where they just about nailed everything properly in the design.

Well, if you don’t consider being able to turn your neck and slowly baking to death inside skin-tight rubber and armour part of the essential design process that is. Still, the 1989 batsuit has and always shall be one of my favourite pieces of vigilante gear, and until I can construct a full one, I’ll be happy with this replica.

Batman (2)Batman (3)Batman (4)Batman (5)

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Batman (12)

Sideshow Collectibles have trotted out the following piece of merchandise, which shows Michael Keaton in all his suited up glory. Made at a scale of 1:4, this statue has some Keaton likeness engraved into it, and as the kind of person who has researched way too much Batman, I can honestly tell you that they’ve nailed the costume perfectly.

Everything from the Nike boots through to the spots where the armour shows is just as authentic as the costume. Naturally, I want this pretty badly. The Batman collectable measures in at a height of 67.3 cm. The price? A Bruce Waynerrific $399.99 on pre-order, which is about R4400.

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I might need to turn to a life of crime to afford this one.

Last Updated: January 27, 2014

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