If God of War Were an Indie Film

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You’ve played God of War, the gloriously violent tale of Kratos and his battle for revenge against the Olympian gods. You’ve seen those delightful indie films, of the ilk directed by people like Wes Anderson, Jason Reitman, and Matt Aselton. Slightly pretentious and self-indulgent black comedy dramas that explore human eccentricities and, ultimately, love.

They just don’t go together, right? Now they do, thanks to Gamervision who’ve produced a trailer for adaptation of God of War into a quirky, off-beat indie-comedy. they’ve pretty much nailed it – The hip indie music, the tracksuit, the camera angles, the faux award nominations are all perfect. It’s just missing Michael Cera, really.

Hit the jump for the video!

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Last Updated: July 16, 2010

Geoffrey Tim

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