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If I were a gamer where should I live? – Console hardware prices

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Console Prices Worldwide

It’s a well known fact to gamers that prices are not even across the board and it often feels like the grass is greener on the other side when it comes to gaming.

So let’s take a quick trip across the most popular English speaking countries to see where would be the best place to pick up a gaming console.

Prices are in South African Rand’s and then US Dollars.


South Africa




PS3 (250Gb) R4 299.95 – $559.21 R4 145.23 – $539.22 R3 393.43 – $441.42 R2 690.55 – $349.99
Wii R2500 – $325.20 R2 765.80 – $359.77 R2 024.10 – $263.29 R1 537.42 – $199.99
Xbox 360 (Elite) R3 399.95 – $442.26 R3 105.39 – $403.95 R2 262.24 – $294.27 R2 305.87 – $299.99

What is evident from the very beginning is that the prices in America really are far cheaper for the PS3 and Wii while the Xbox at least competes in Europe. (Also remember the American tax system is screwy so all their prices go up a bit)

South Africa and Australia are pretty well pegged but it does look like we are due for another price cut on the Xbox 360 sometime in the near future.

How weird is it that in the UK you can get a Xbox 360 Elite for nearly the same price as a Wii?

Last Updated: February 23, 2010

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